Day 28 and a non-food-related video

It’s Monday again and I think the start of a week can sometimes be tough. So, I won’t babble on too long, just a short pre-lude to a video that’ll make you think.

One of the great things about social media, especially facebook is I’ve found myself still in touch with classmates from university. I was lucky enough to go to art school so there are quite a few characters that light up my news feed. I specialised in advertising, and while my career path has gone a slightly different route, some of my classmates have worked on and produced some great work.

This one I stumbled upon and really found it rather inspiring, I’m sure there are a lot of women out there that can also relate.


Day 25 and Instagram


I left an important motivator off the list yesterday – Instagram. While I admittedly have un-followed some of my regular foodie accounts to avoid seeing things like doughnuts and cakes while I’m on whole30, there are a few accounts that help keep me in check and inspire me to whole30-on.

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Day 24 and 5 ways I handle whole30

In the grand scheme of things doing a whole30 really is not hard; eating real whole, nutrient-dense food for 30 days is hardly the most difficult task. However, when you split the 30 days up into moments, you’re certain to find points of disheartenment and weakness.

Here are some of the ways I’ve combatted those feelings and things that have helped me handle whole30

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Day 22 and inspiring whole30 stories

If the concept of whole30 is not enough to motivate you, there are a ton of real life success stories that are incredibly inspiring.

Having completed a whole30 I find the testimonials still speak to me. They are still inspiring, maybe even more so now, because sometimes I can find myself going “me too!”

That connection with the whole30 community is definitely a strong tool in being successful, whether that be the online community, immediate family or a friend who’s doing it with you. Inspiration and motivation will help you get through a whole30 and keep you focused on healthy habits once you’re done

Here are 10 ways the Ricklefs changed on whole30. I can 100% relate to points 1,4,5,6 & 8 and think I’ll have to write my own list too.

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