Bulletproof Coffee


Like most things on the internet, bulletproof coffee is either loved or hated.

The recipe is simple – hot coffee + grass-fed butter + MCT oil, blended and served.

I, personally, thought it sounded delicious and was more so looking for a cappuccino replacement (now that I am aware of how badly dairy affects me) than a miracle drink.

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Day 19 and a Blended Coconut Milk Iced Latte

aerial-coconut-milk-blended-iced-latteIt’s hot.

Super hot.

Like I wake up sweaty hot.

I prefer cold coffee to hot coffee in general, but that’s likely due to the fact that it’s always hot here. September, however is the month that is most guilty of sweat induced discomfort. So, the only thing better than an iced coffee is a blended iced coffee.

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Day 7 and my favourite way to start the day


Mmm coffee

I prefer mine strong and iced. Having realized dairy is problematic for me in my first whole30 I have switched from normal milk to almond milk for my daily iced coffee.

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Where are my scones?

This post should have been filled with the perfect fluffy, lemony, chocolatey scones.. However, the weekend seemed to have slightly different plans for me and so I’m yet to perfect them.

Inspired by Chez Catey Lou’s biscuit post, I set out to find an all-in-one recipe that was beach friendly (ie. scones I could shove in my mouth without a utensil, while sippin on a cocktail).
I found the right flavour but they failed to rise so I won’t try to brag about them yet..

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