Day 27 and the scale


One of the rules of whole30 is not to get on a scale during your 30 days. And I am of the opinion that this is a crucial part of the programme.

My first realization that the scale is not a health indicator was back in university. It was my second year and I had become busy with my advertising courses and wasn’t getting to the gym, nor eating the best. I didn’t have a scale there so had to wait until I came home to Barbados to weigh myself. I was dreading it. I knew I would be upset with the amount of weight I had put on and did not want to face it.

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Day 26 and Healthy Movement

Wow. Only 4 days to go. Feels like this whole30 is going by much more quickly than the other 2 and is a bit more second nature now.

During this one I’ve tried to focus on exercise aka healthy movement and have been doing some form of activity ~3 times a week. These sessions are usually a crossfit-style workout which I have a love-hate relationship with, but mostly love. I always feel amazing after, even if sometimes my body feels like jelly and I want to curse my coaches. I do this at Limitless Performance some days and others with a group of awesome friends and an evil friend/coach

I also really enjoy yoga for both strength and mobility, though of recent I have not been able to make it to my regular class regularly.

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Day 25 and Instagram


I left an important motivator off the list yesterday – Instagram. While I admittedly have un-followed some of my regular foodie accounts to avoid seeing things like doughnuts and cakes while I’m on whole30, there are a few accounts that help keep me in check and inspire me to whole30-on.

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Day 24 and 5 ways I handle whole30

In the grand scheme of things doing a whole30 really is not hard; eating real whole, nutrient-dense food for 30 days is hardly the most difficult task. However, when you split the 30 days up into moments, you’re certain to find points of disheartenment and weakness.

Here are some of the ways I’ve combatted those feelings and things that have helped me handle whole30

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Day 23 and Happy Life Juice

Happy Life JuiceI was feeling a bit down yesterday and so I decided to do some therapeutic sorting and cleaning.

Decluttered space = decluttered mind ~ something like that.

Or, maybe it’s really the gems you find when you’re sorting through your stuff.

I came across the wonderful box of recipes gifted to me by all the nearest and dearest ladies in my life, at my shower.

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