Roasted Red Pepper Soup


It’s Fantastic Friday and my accomplishments for the week so far include –

  • Remaining somewhat calm while dealing with unreasonable people
  • Mastering homemade mayo and eating it with every subsequent meal
  • Completing a total of 93 minutes of yoga
  • Going to work despite the torrential rain trying to coerce me into staying in bed
  • This soup

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Bulletproof Coffee


Like most things on the internet, bulletproof coffee is either loved or hated.

The recipe is simple – hot coffee + grass-fed butter + MCT oil, blended and served.

I, personally, thought it sounded delicious and was more so looking for a cappuccino replacement (now that I am aware of how badly dairy affects me) than a miracle drink.

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Day 29 and Orange Coconut Cauliflower Rice 

Sorry about the bad picture – bad nighttime lighting and taken with my phone. I’ve always been of the opinion that a bad workman always blames his tools.. but ah well! :) I did rush to take it because I didn’t start out with intentions of sharing this recipe but it turned out really good so felt like I should.

It’s great paired with baked dolphin and just-ripe avocado.

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Day 23 and Happy Life Juice

Happy Life JuiceI was feeling a bit down yesterday and so I decided to do some therapeutic sorting and cleaning.

Decluttered space = decluttered mind ~ something like that.

Or, maybe it’s really the gems you find when you’re sorting through your stuff.

I came across the wonderful box of recipes gifted to me by all the nearest and dearest ladies in my life, at my shower.

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Day 20 and Homemade Almond Milk

almonds copyI have always loved full fat dairy milk. It tastes delicious and I would enjoy it in my iced coffees daily. This went on from the time I was about 16 until 28.

In retrospect I always knew it made me feel slightly sick, but I ignored it, likely because it’s so delicious and because the way it made me feel had become the “norm”.

Seems crazy now considering it’s something I consumed daily, but I never realized how badly dairy affected me until I cut it out altogether during my first whole30.

This, of course, made me find an alternative, which I did in Almond Milk. I’m not talking about the gross stuff that comes in a tetra-pack from the supermarket, filled with all sorts of other stuff – I’m talking about the homemade kind.

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