Day 15 and a little magic box


Sometimes on whole30, it’s not all about whole30. While it may seem like the prepping and cooking and thinking about food is taking up your whole day, it’s important to remember, and be positive about, the other stuff that’s going on.

I recently got married and quite honestly had the best day of my life.

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Day 14 and raising awareness of GYN cancers


Yesterday I took part in the Globeathon Awareness Walk, put on by the Barbados Cancer Society. The mission of the globeathon is to “increase awareness of women’s cancers, address disparities, and transcend barriers (i.e. ethnic, racial, political, geographic, financial, cultural and religious) through educational outreach and global community engagement.”

Why is raising awareness important? Here’s a quick summary from

“GYN cancer impacts women worldwide, accounting for 19 percent of the 5.1 million estimated new cancer cases each year (Word Health Organization International Agency for Research on Cancer). These cancers are extremely difficult to diagnose since most women don’t recognise the symptoms. By the time it’s detected, the disease is already at an advanced stage and survival rates are shockingly low.

GYN cancers have long been ignored, often considered a taboo topic of discussion and underfunded in the medical world. With increasing numbers of women at a greater risk and those in developing countries disproportionately affected, the time is ripe for action.”

In honour of spreading the word, I thought I would share a few links with some more information on the subject in hopes that this will help inform as well as encourage discussion.

  1. – The international hub for the Globe-athon, has a lot of information on the cause as well as GYN cancers including a ton of videos.
  2. Types of Gynecologic Cancers
  3. Symptoms of Gynecologic Cancers
  4. The Subtle Signs of Ovarian Cancer every woman should know

Day 9, learning to relax

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My father, during a valuable advice session the other day, suggested I should make a bigger effort to relax. This was specific to my weekdays when everything is go, go, go.

Sound logic from the most logical person I know.

Only problem for me, is that I think too much.

I, very fittingly, then came across this link for a list of Ted talks to watch when you need 5 minutes of peace.

Active relaxation.

Hopefully this can be a stepping stone for me, and anyone else who thinks too much.


Day 8 and the start of week 2

It’s now week 2, time seems to be going quickly but here are some things that I have learnt / were reinforced so far:
  1. Routine – the good kind, where the days are starting to feel familiar instead of chaotic
  2. Patience – thanks to day 4
  3. Forgiveness – There is no such thing as the perfect whole30 and mine won’t be either
  4. A (probably) unhealthy relationship with cashews – I knew it might come back.. will need to continue to work on this
  5. Clarified butter is deliciousdelicious
  6. Cheating on whole30 is like cheating at solitaireMelissa Joulwan gives the perfect explanation.
  7. Sleep is very important – it’s worth thinking about, here’s some food for thought
  8. We need a bigger frying pan

Day 5 and a whole30 quote to remember

This quote may seem a little dramatic considering we could just be talking about some cupcakes, but I think it’s important to recognize the emotional side of eating. For me that’s definitely sweets.

I have always had a sweet tooth, as evidenced, here, here and here. So taming my Sugar Dragon is a big part of the whole30 experience for me and something that I think I will have to continually be conscious of.

Like others, I find it can actually be more difficult not to give into temptation when I’m off whole30, because then I have to make the decision myself of whether or not to indulge.

My sugar dragon always says yes.

My intention is definitely not to give up sweets altogether, I just want to be sure that it’s me who has the control when I’m eating them instead of suddenly realizing I’ve mindlessly finished an entire box of cookies and I’m not even sure if I’ve enjoyed them.

My friend who is also doing the whole30 this month asked me when temptation was hardest for me and truthfully I can’t quite remember so I’ll have to track this time around and see, hopefully I will remember this quote in the moment!

I hope this weekend everyone is able to make conscious decisions of what they are eating and doing and make sure to enjoy!

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