Time and Cake

Birthday Cake 1

I’ve been wondering recently, where does the time go?

It’s been over 2 months since I posted and it feels like just a 2 weeks.

I swear we just sang Happy New Year and yet Grand Kadooment is literally around the corner. Dare take another turn and it’s Christmas.
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Happy Birthday Two You!

Two SidesSweetly Does it

A very special boy turned two recently and I eagerly set out to google find a suitable birthday cake recipe.

After being sufficiently overwhelmed by pinterest, I found comfort in Martha Stewart.

Ahh the sweetness of simplicity!

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Lemony Chocolate Chip Scones

Tea for Three Bird

Here they are! I found them!

Third time seems to be the charm with this recipe and my taste buds think it’s about time.

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Mango Bread

Rum and Mango Juice

I know this post is titled Mango Bread and yet the first image I’m shoving in your face is a drink.. Why is this you might ask?

Well, it’s Friday and I’m sure you’re much more likely to want a drink than a healthy(ish) recipe for Mango Bread, yes? Yes!

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Salted {Bajan} Caramel Brownies


Weekend checklist

  • Drink copious amounts of coffee
  • Wake up early on Saturday
  • Sleep in on Sunday
  • Avoid exercise
  • Have a white wine spritzer with dinner
  • Eat fresh pastries for breakfast
  • YouTube a string of 90s one-hit wonders and sing all the words.
  • Make brownies to take to a friendly games night
  • Try not to be aggressively competitive
  • Unless you’re on my team.

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