Day 27 and the scale


One of the rules of whole30 is not to get on a scale during your 30 days. And I am of the opinion that this is a crucial part of the programme.

My first realization that the scale is not a health indicator was back in university. It was my second year and I had become busy with my advertising courses and wasn’t getting to the gym, nor eating the best. I didn’t have a scale there so had to wait until I came home to Barbados to weigh myself. I was dreading it. I knew I would be upset with the amount of weight I had put on and did not want to face it.

When I finally weighed myself I had actually lost weight. I’m not sure why, but whatever the reason – I remember thinking: what’s the point in losing weight and feeling like crap?

My second realization that the scale is not a health indicator was after my first whole30. At the end of it I had not weighed myself yet and I felt incredible, I was thinking to myself I must have lost like 20lbs. When I got on the scale the number was 4 and I almost got upset. It didn’t seem like enough. Luckily I knew to shut that voice down because it’s crazy talk.

What the scale almost took away was how I really felt and the healthy signs I had seen. My arms were more defined and stronger, my legs became harder and more powerful and my stomach was significantly flatter. For what felt like the first time in my life, I was not bloated. I had incredible energy that would last the entire day and a mental clarity that I didn’t think possible. I was eating 3 solid meals a day and at the end of each feeling good, satisfied and fueled. This programme had completely changed my life, for the better, how could I be worried or concerned about the number on the scale?

I think we are so often bombarded with message that losing weight = health and happiness that we miss the real signs of being healthy and happy.

I am lucky that I abided by the rules of the programme and was able to really see and embrace all of the positive things it brought regardless of weight loss.

You can easily be the same weight, unhealthy and feeling like crap, or healthy and feel great.

Listen to your body, don’t let the scale decide.


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