Day 26 and Healthy Movement

Wow. Only 4 days to go. Feels like this whole30 is going by much more quickly than the other 2 and is a bit more second nature now.

During this one I’ve tried to focus on exercise aka healthy movement and have been doing some form of activity ~3 times a week. These sessions are usually a crossfit-style workout which I have a love-hate relationship with, but mostly love. I always feel amazing after, even if sometimes my body feels like jelly and I want to curse my coaches. I do this at Limitless Performance some days and others with a group of awesome friends and an evil friend/coach

I also really enjoy yoga for both strength and mobility, though of recent I have not been able to make it to my regular class regularly.

For those in Barbados, I highly recommend Livity Yoga. The Livity Flow class will make you sweat like you wouldn’t believe and all your limbs will thank you for the amazing length they’ve gained afterwards. However, for those just starting out I’d recommend the Essentials first.

Until I get back there regularly, and instead of beating myself up for not going; I have been supplementing with some yoga videos on YouTube. There are a ton of different videos on there, ranging from a few minutes to a full hour with plenty of different kinds of yoga to try. It’s pretty easy to be able to find one to suit the timeframe you have and the mood you’re in.

Here’s one I did the other day which worked my whole body and was easy to modify depending on your experience. No need for any equipment, just a mat or towel and floor space.

Power Yoga with Adrienne 

Happy Saturday, I hope you find some time for healthy movement this weekend.



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