Day 25 and Instagram


I left an important motivator off the list yesterday – Instagram. While I admittedly have un-followed some of my regular foodie accounts to avoid seeing things like doughnuts and cakes while I’m on whole30, there are a few accounts that help keep me in check and inspire me to whole30-on.

  1. Melissa Hartwig – Whole30 co-creator and tough-love giver, her feed is full of great advice and hilarious real-life tidbits.
  2. StupidEasyPaleo – Steph Gaudreau is an Author | Nutritionist | Athlete | Coach whose feed is full of simple paleo recipes plus inspiring videos of her strength training. I want to be strong like her when I grow up.
  3. Whole30 –  {for obvious reasons} Your daily reminder of why you’re doing this. The whole30 account is a well rounded feed filled with success stories, struggles everyone relates to and healthy tips for powering through like a boss.
  4. RawVeganBlonde – Ok so she’s totally not whole30 but she makes vegetables looks gorgeous and says no to sugar, and what’s not inspiring about that?
  5. Beyoncé – Because, honestly, what can’t Queen B inspire? On whole30 you wake up like this. #flawless

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