Day 20 and Homemade Almond Milk

almonds copyI have always loved full fat dairy milk. It tastes delicious and I would enjoy it in my iced coffees daily. This went on from the time I was about 16 until 28.

In retrospect I always knew it made me feel slightly sick, but I ignored it, likely because it’s so delicious and because the way it made me feel had become the “norm”.

Seems crazy now considering it’s something I consumed daily, but I never realized how badly dairy affected me until I cut it out altogether during my first whole30.

This, of course, made me find an alternative, which I did in Almond Milk. I’m not talking about the gross stuff that comes in a tetra-pack from the supermarket, filled with all sorts of other stuff – I’m talking about the homemade kind.

Homemade Almond Milk is glorious and worth every effort to make, especially if you have an intolerance to dairy. It may seem like a lot of effort for something consumed daily but for us this has now become the norm, and I am thankful everyday that I get to enjoy a delicious iced coffee without the effects of dairy.


Homemade Almond Milk

Tools: Nut bag or cheesecloth + blender

1 cup almonds

4 cups of water + more for soaking

(optional) 1 tsp cinnamon

Place almonds in an airtight container and cover with water until fully submerged. Cover container and leave to soak in the fridge for 48 hours. The almonds will plump up nicely.

Drain and rinse almonds, then transfer to a blender. Add the 4 cups of water and cinnamon if using and blend on the highest speed possible for 4 minutes

Strain the blended mixture through a nut bag or cheesecloth into a clean bowl.

almond-milk-straining almond-milk-nut-bag almond-milk-strained

Transfer the almond milk into an airtight, shakeable vessel and store in the fridge, consuming within 3 days.

Shake well before each use.

*note: This recipe makes almost 5 cups of almond milk, we freeze half as we won’t consume that much in 3 days – leave out on the counter for a couple hours to defrost or in the fridge over night.

pouring-almond-milk two-coffees


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