Day 19 and a Blended Coconut Milk Iced Latte

aerial-coconut-milk-blended-iced-latteIt’s hot.

Super hot.

Like I wake up sweaty hot.

I prefer cold coffee to hot coffee in general, but that’s likely due to the fact that it’s always hot here. September, however is the month that is most guilty of sweat induced discomfort. So, the only thing better than an iced coffee is a blended iced coffee.

3 simple ingredients: coffee, ice and coconut milk. Can hardly get simpler than that

coconut-milk-+-ice-+-coffee coffee-pouring-aerial

Blended Coconut Milk Iced Latte 

1/2 cup strong coffee (cooled)

1/2 cup of ice

4 tablespoons of coconut milk

Blend ingredients together for a few minutes and enjoy! Double recipe to make for two.



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