Day 11, roasted beets and cassava and TGIF


Oh Friday, sweet, glorious Friday. The weekend’s eve, where there’s just a few hours of work to get through until those magical two days which feel like spring break for adults… At least for those of us adults who don’t have kids [yet]. 

In honour of Friday, I’m going out to lunch with my mum. So I didn’t have to think about making lunch while I was making dinner last night, that in itself felt like the weekend came early!

Last night, the combination of beets and cassava happened somewhat forcefully as they were the two things in the fridge that needed using up, and they’re both individually good when roasted.

Beets are beautiful.


Cassava not so much.


Together they tasted delicious, chopped up and drizzled with just a few tablespoons each of clarified butter and olive oil. Salt, pepper and garlic powder to taste. Half an hour in the oven (190C) and you’ve got yourself a golden side dish for dinner.


Happy Friday everyone, I hope your weekend is filled with effortlessly enjoyable activities.



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