Day 4 vs day 24: Lessons learnt

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Whole30 day 24, 48hrs post WOD: Tiger blood, I am sooo tiger blood! Hit me up, what’s the WOD? That’s it? Let’s do this twice! Burpees, F%#* yeah! How far do you want me to run? Got you covered! Let’s go!

Whole30 day 4, 48hrs post WOD: Sweet mother of God I can’t move my legs. Ok, ok Michelle you can do this, you can do this! Use your arms to pull you out of the car. F%#*… Stairs… One stair at a time, one at a time. Ok it may be physically impossibly for you to do this WOD but you need to try or this may be worse tomorrow…
*tear slowly trickles down cheek.. 

Coming back from honeymoon was a slap back to reality in many ways but there was non harsher than the first work out in close to 5 weeks off. Of course, what I was eating (and thoroughly enjoying) didn’t help.

Whole 30 round 1 lesson learnt: I was working out consistently prior to and during my first w30 and one thing I learned is while eating clean I do not get nearly as sore post-workout as I normally would. If you knew how much I despise muscle soreness you would know that this alone makes the whole30 worth it to me. The lack of soreness, however, is really just a bonus. Eating clean has an amazing ripple effect as I feel better, have more energy, work outs become easier and I’m able to push myself to be faster, harder, stronger.

Whole30 round 3 lesson learnt: Don’t be cocky, don’t jump the gun. Be patient. Whether it’s round 1, 3 or 20 – if you’re coming off of a long break from working out, or you’re trying out a new type of training; ease into it, don’t expect your body to be able to do what it only could after consistent months of training.

The same advice can be given for whoel30 in general, your day 4 will likely be very different to your day 24 – it’s called whole30 for a reason :) Try to be patient, it’s well worth the wait.

ps. If you’re one of those strange people who enjoys muscle soreness; 1. What is wrong with you? 2. Since you’ll have more energy, you can just do a more difficult work out, painz and gainz, win-win.

pps. Happy Friday!


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