Day 3, Dinner with friends and eating out on Whole30


Planning aside, eating out on whole30 or on any healthy meal plan is certainly not impossible, and well worth it for a mid-week break or any fun evening out catching up with friends. Yes!

Here’s what was on the menu, and how I switched it up to suit.

Menu item:  Teppanyaki Style Mahi Mahi  – “Teppanyaki style” a classic dish from Japan, topped with Teriyaki sauce, served with steamed vegetables, pickled ginger, sesame seeds and Jasmine rice.

Me: “I’ll have the Teppanyaki Style Mahi Mahi, no rice, no sauce and extra veg, thanks!”


I meant to bring coconut aminos to use as a sauce, however there was so much flavour in the veg, the dish didn’t need it. I felt embarrassed to take a picture of my empty plate but I have witnesses that can prove I ate it all up – it was delish!

I also had a starter of Tuna Tataki (without the sauce) but was apparently too hungry to remember to take a picture.


It’s worth mentioning that I likely would not have done this in the first week of my first round of whole30 as I’m sure I was too scared to order something non-compliant and likely had convinced myself I would be “that girl” to the waiter. However, hindsight being 20-20 there’s nothing to be scared of, just take your time, be polite and leave a tip :)


One response to “Day 3, Dinner with friends and eating out on Whole30

  1. Leslie de Caires

    I like!! Please take me to Lemon G…. (Can I say the name??)

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