Day 1 and the Elephant in the blog


Day 1

The cupboards have been cleared out

The fridge has been stocked.

The cashews have been roasted, the butter is clarified, and my goal sheet has been filled out.

Today is day 1 of my 3rd Whole30 and I’m feeling hopeful.

Having already completed 2 whole30s(yay me!) this programme has already literally changed my life. Not only physically – I feel better and look better as a result – but also mentally, as I now have a better relationship with food and with my body.

As the said relationship with food and my body is still a work in progress and having just come off of a 3-week whirlwind consisting of pre-wedding shenanigans, the best day of my life and sweet, sweet honeymoon bliss – I’m feeling the need for another round and September seems to be the perfect month.

Summer is ending, Christmas is around the corner and September seems to be that sweet spot where not much is going on. This makes for the perfect month to get down to business with 30days of eating real, whole foods.

Starting with breakfast –

beast my view

Nothing fancy, simply delicious. I love eggs so most mornings consist of some sort of veg topped with eggs and a side of fruit.

Recipe: coconut oil + veg + eggs + salt + pepper and you’re done! Or if you want to be fancy add some dried garlic, chili flakes and fresh basil. Yum, YUM!


The Elephant

I originally created this blog in 2013 as a creative release, with the assumption that I would be sharing baking recipes alongside any other fun tid-bits I find or come up with along the way. My last post was Dec 2013 and I wasn’t too sure where to begin with everything that has changed since then. I landed on Whole30 as I think that has played a major role in my life changing for the better.

So if you’re wondering wt* a newbie-turned-dormant baking blogger is doing blogging about healthy living, hopefully that will all unfold over the next 30 days. I’ll be frequently blogging throughout my whole30, mainly about my experience as well as recipes, tips, tricks and how it has helped and inspired me, but as always I hope to find and share plenty of other fun things along the way.

ps. If you’ve never heard of the whole30 visit for the full scoop, you won’t regret it, promise.

pps. If you’ve heard of it and are thinking about doing it – don’t think, do! It’s so, so worth it!

ppps. There will be no cupcakes here. Really. No cupcakes. Sorry about that. You’ll thank me later.

bfast birdseye


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