Throw Back Thursday – The Summer of Love


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I am one hundred per cent, shamelessly piggy backing on  #tbt. Or “throw back thursday” for those of you not on Instagram.


(yes, that explanation was really for my mother.. Hi Mummy!)

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I haven’t posted in a while and had really started beating myself up about it. Naively, I thought when I started a blog I’d be able to easily post once a week.. Ha! What a dreamer! #getyourshittogethermichelle

Suddenly it’s December, and where’s my super cute Christmas baking post? #howisitdecemberalready

Where’s my crafty homemade Christmas decorations post? #seriouslywhere

Where’s my rum and sorrel post? #haverum #needsorrel



IMG_0567 IMG_0561

The thing is, there are lots of hobbies and activities that are all a nice idea and come from good intention, but then life happens and you end up knee deep in craft supplies, ingredients with looming expiry dates, thousands of pins and hardly any time for sleep, let alone harnessing your inner Martha!

So instead of feeling overwhelmed by life, I’m looking on the amazingly bright side of what happens when life happens rather than what doesn’t.

Life is good.

IMG_0813 IMG_0787

This summer I went on a pretty unplanned, last minute trip to London and it was pure and simple bliss. My bestie Kate very fittingly dubbed it the Summer of Love, I went with the much less sophisticated title #besttripevarrrrrrrrr.

Amazing friends, family and food tied with tipsy pub nights, lost headphones, park visits, well-needed catchups and lots of tea and rum punch. I’d say that definitely equals love.

IMG_0949 IMG_0882 IMG_0720 IMG_0792 IMG_0832 IMG_0674 IMG_0852 IMG_0904 IMG_0907 IMG_0913 IMG_0931 IMG_0671 IMG_0946 IMG_0986

I hope you find some time to throw back to some good memories today and if not, please go ahead and find the humor boards on Pinterest – they are a God send! They don’t want you to bake a 32 layer cake, they don’t want you to sew your own wedding dress, they just want you to laugh! #winning


3 responses to “Throw Back Thursday – The Summer of Love

  1. Rachel deCaires

    Mich what an awesome post! That couldn’t have come at a better time. Love you! X

    Sent from my iPod

  2. Your Loving Mother

    Excuuuuuuse me!!!!!! I knew what that meant. It was pretty obvious….. actually stated : P

    Your ever loving and patient Mother XX

  3. Your Loving Mother

    I love the photos!! They look so happy!! XX

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