Nights like these


I think too much.

It’s too early to sleep, it’s too late to sleep. I’m past the point of sleep. Every thought is time less spent sleeping. But who has time for sleep when there’s nighttime daydreaming?

I think about the would have, could have, should have – should I have?
I think about where I want to go, where have I been? List, after list, after list.. scrolling through endless thoughts behind my eyelids.

And ideas! Wait, what was that brilliant one? I think I should spend the next hour unsuccessfully trying to remember it…

I think about what I could have said, what I’m supposed to say now. I think I should shut up.

I think about him.

I think I have ADD.

I think, and I think, and I think.

I think music can drown out my thoughts yet not even Cher can break through. I think; I could be Adele! If only I had her voice and resilience. I think I must be close still, since I know every word to every one of her songs.

I think this makes sense.

I think, could I be a better friend?

I think about everything massive and important and everything tiny and insignificant and how they spontaneously switch rolls in my head.

I think I need to prioritise.

I think I’m hungry. I think that’s ridiculous. I think I really need to make every one of those 237 cupcake recipes that I pinned. Immediately.
I think I should start one of those 256 workouts that I’ve pinned.. Immediately!

I think I’m bored. I think I’m over stimulated by thinking. Probably.
I think I need to stop thinking…

I think I need to google how to stop thinking…

I think my head hurts. Or does it?

I’ve stopped making sense, I think..

Why don’t I blog more often?


4 responses to “Nights like these

  1. ha! I think this is brilliant.

  2. Your Loving Mother

    Wow! Michelle, that was brilliant! I give you 100% and a big gold star. /Users/lesliedecaires/Desktop/Unknown.jpeg (Well, I tried)

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