Time and Cake

Birthday Cake 1

I’ve been wondering recently, where does the time go?

It’s been over 2 months since I posted and it feels like just a 2 weeks.

I swear we just sang Happy New Year and yet Grand Kadooment is literally around the corner. Dare take another turn and it’s Christmas.

M Day flowers Mangoes IMG_2672

University life seems like yesterday but it’s been 5 years since I left London.

Say what?!

I somehow turned 27, which sounds pretty adult-like and yet most of the time I don’t feel a day over 16.

Unless, of course I’ve just come from cross fit.


Then I think back and remember; Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and various birthdays have come and gone; I’ve seen many beach days, toured the East Coast and drank a rum punch or two {maybe even three or four}. I’ll soon pick up my costume for the road and can sing out of tune to at least 10 of this season’s songs.

Sunglasses & Rocks Martins Bay Rocks Martins Bay houses

My Uni roomie and my cousin got married, as did my sister to my brother-in-law. Two epic parties, and I’m sure I’ve managed a few more before, after and in between. I’ve had many welcome visits from friends I made in the UK and have just come back from my second trip to London as a born-again tourist.

Sweet cheeks Aiden & Truck

My other sister and her fiancé produced the cutest nephew the world has ever seen and I baked myself a cake or two {maybe even three or four}.

Birthday Cake 2

Some people have the belief that a birthday cake doesn’t taste good if you bake it yourself. I beg to differ.

For me it’s just an excuse to bake whatever delicious square or round of fluffy goodness, slathered in icing that I’ve googled, stumbled, pinned or caught on tv.

Birthday Cake 3

Don’t worry, I feel obliged to share.

Rosie from Sweetapolita is one of my top baking crushes. All of her cakes are absolutely beautiful and every recipe of hers that I’ve made has turned out great.

I won’t repost this recipe as I really didn’t change a thing but I encourage you to go to her site and get inspired to bake something indulgent and/or beautiful!

Birthday Cake 4

If it’s your birthday, or not, bake something and take a moment to think back to where the time goes, I hope you’re as pleasantly reminded as I was.



5 responses to “Time and Cake

  1. Beautiful post! Time passes quickly, but your days have been filled with some very lovely things happening (and those mangoes look amazing). Happy belated birthday! The cake is beautiful and looks delicious. My birthday is this Friday, and I think I will have to make something similar, inspired by you!

  2. Roza


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