Happy Birthday Two You!

Two SidesSweetly Does it

A very special boy turned two recently and I eagerly set out to google find a suitable birthday cake recipe.

After being sufficiently overwhelmed by pinterest, I found comfort in Martha Stewart.

Ahh the sweetness of simplicity!

Pre batterFresh Out the OvenWired Up

Now don’t get me wrong, Martha has her fair share of crazy complicated ideas. Like this, or this.

This one, however, is really simple and really great.

All you do is fashion mini cupcakes into the shape of whatever age your birthday boy or girl is turning!

This leaves you plenty time to get a birthday gift, write an age-themed card and cool down at the beach before joining a super cute two year old’s birthday party!

Side Shot

Number themed mini birthday cupcakes

What you’ll need:

1. Your favourite cake/cupcake recipe*

2. Ingredients for said recipe

3. Food colouring for colourful frosting (use if your recipe calls for light coloured frosting, if not skip 3 and amp up #4)

4. Pretty mini cupcake wrappers and cute cupcake decorations/sprinkles to match

5. Large board or table top for assembly

*The quantity you make will depend on what age you’re baking – I made 48 to create this “2” and ate the rest had a few leftover, this would probably be enough to make any single digit but you may need to double the recipe for tweens, teens and birthday girls and boys masking themselves as adults

Blue HatsTopped Off

After baking and decorating your cupcakes, assemble them into the desired number.

Stick some candles in a few of them, light them up and sing your heart out!

This is the point where you get too excited by the singing to take a proper photo of the birthday boy.. If you’re the mum, shame on you! If not, don’t worry, she’s got you covered.


Happy birthday-baking!


5 responses to “Happy Birthday Two You!

  1. janelle bryan

    Those are lovely looking.. and i’m sure tasting!

  2. Beautiful artwork (the decor, arrangement and the photos)! Martha would be proud! They look delicious, too!

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