Rain, rain, stay a while

Rain pipe

With all that’s going on in the world recently I feel incredibly grateful to be able to appreciate the small things.

After a brutal dry season laden with brown landscapes and spontaneous fires, Barbados is finally seeing some wet weather.


Apart from the known benefits of water (you know, being a necessity to live and such) rain and rainy days can be nothing short of magical.

Dessert Rose
Everything is suddenly beautiful again as the garden becomes saturated; the shaggy rasta dog (named Ted) is finally cool; the roadworks on the adjacent highway come to a grinding halt – the rain washing the dust away and leaving peace in the air for at least 24 hours.


How nice it is to have an excuse just to stay in! Watch old movies, bake another batch of brownies, juice mangoes, eat cookies for lunch and paint your nails – all without having to break a sweat.

(Yes, I was very tempted to show you a pic of my bright orange mani, but I was too worried I’d mess it up in the process. Probably best for all of us. Here are some pretty mangoes instead!)

Mangoes sm
And then bedtime rolls around and you’re the opposite of a child fighting sleep. There’s no better sound to close your eyes to than the music of rain hitting the roof.

Whichever Bajan came up with the theory that you shouldn’t go out in the rain was definitely on to something. I’ll happily condone this practice as part of our culture.

Enjoy the rain while it lasts, mango recipe to come later this week xx


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