Where are my scones?

This post should have been filled with the perfect fluffy, lemony, chocolatey scones.. However, the weekend seemed to have slightly different plans for me and so I’m yet to perfect them.

Inspired by Chez Catey Lou’s biscuit post, I set out to find an all-in-one recipe that was beach friendly (ie. scones I could shove in my mouth without a utensil, while sippin on a cocktail).
I found the right flavour but they failed to rise so I won’t try to brag about them yet..

Scone disaster
See what I did there with the black and white grainy photo?

Try not to cry from the sadness of the scone failure! 

Despite my Friday evening baking flop, Saturday morning had its usual lovely start at Brighton Farmers Market.

This is a photo of one if my beautiful sisters with some of the many, many orchids we bought. At $5 a pop who could resist?

Beautiful Sister
This photo actually pretty much sums up why I go to the Farmers Market;

1. The delicious coffee
2. It’s a family affair
3. The ginormous eggs, perfect for baking and eating

I realise you’re probably thinking “surely she means to put family first”.
Family always come first. Except at 7am on Saturday morning.

Mmm coffee!

Apart from those 3 wonderful things, there are all sorts of delicious treats to munch on, jewellery for all tastes, art, crafts, flowers and of course tons of fresh veggies!

A Saturday morning must. If you’re in Barbados – you should come check it out. Let me know when you’ll be there, I volunteer to stand anxiously in the coffee line with you and encourage you to have apple pie for breakfast.

Beachy Day
The rest of the day was taken up with carpooling, another market, more food, a semi-ridiculous “2013 treat yourself” splurge, a quick triplet bikini change, a rum punch pitstop and a blissful afternoon at the beach.

Bottom Bay Beach
Saturday evening plans involved fun friends, pajamas, a ton of noodles and a re-cap of Zoolander.

And then *BAM* gastro hit.

(I was 98% tempted to end this post here.. Then I realized I would be the only person who thought that was funny)

No noodles for you Michelle, no Zoolander and most definitely no scones.

Alas, I’m feeling much better now and up for looking on the bright side;

a. I got to stay in bed on a Monday

b. I got to watch the entire 1st season of the Great British Bakeoff

c. I no longer have the desire to undertake Nikki Looch’s kinda cleanse or any other form of detox

d. I didn’t drink Saturday night or all day Sunday so I surely deserve a glass of wine (or two!) at some point during the week

The positivities are endless!

So luckily we’re already at hump day and I’m eagerly awaiting a rematch of the weekend. Hopefully it will be filled with some of the great things from the last one as well as the perfect scones..

Fingers crossed!

ps – Gastro seems to be going around like wild fire at the moment so hide yo kids, hide yo wife and wash yo hands!! 

pps – If you have a yum scone/biscuit recipe or scone advice please share in the comments! Feel free to share anything about your weekend experience too, I’m all ears!

ppps – If only I knew this post wasn’t going to be filled with scones I would have taken more pictures..

Here are some more flowers xx

Beautiful Orchids


7 responses to “Where are my scones?

  1. I love the farmers market for the same reasons: flowers, eggs, coffee — and just being out in the fresh air. Your surroundings are heavenly! Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos. Your blog is vibrant and uplifting all around!

  2. I’m so happy I could inspire you! I hate baking fails, but at least your dough looks pretty :) So glad you are feeling better and I’m looking forward to your perfect scones next week!

  3. Leila

    I love this blog! :)

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