Mango Bread

Rum and Mango Juice

I know this post is titled Mango Bread and yet the first image I’m shoving in your face is a drink.. Why is this you might ask?

Well, it’s Friday and I’m sure you’re much more likely to want a drink than a healthy(ish) recipe for Mango Bread, yes? Yes!

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Rain, rain, stay a while

Rain pipe

With all that’s going on in the world recently I feel incredibly grateful to be able to appreciate the small things.

After a brutal dry season laden with brown landscapes and spontaneous fires, Barbados is finally seeing some wet weather.


Apart from the known benefits of water (you know, being a necessity to live and such) rain and rainy days can be nothing short of magical.

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Salted {Bajan} Caramel Brownies


Weekend checklist

  • Drink copious amounts of coffee
  • Wake up early on Saturday
  • Sleep in on Sunday
  • Avoid exercise
  • Have a white wine spritzer with dinner
  • Eat fresh pastries for breakfast
  • YouTube a string of 90s one-hit wonders and sing all the words.
  • Make brownies to take to a friendly games night
  • Try not to be aggressively competitive
  • Unless you’re on my team.

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Where are my scones?

This post should have been filled with the perfect fluffy, lemony, chocolatey scones.. However, the weekend seemed to have slightly different plans for me and so I’m yet to perfect them.

Inspired by Chez Catey Lou’s biscuit post, I set out to find an all-in-one recipe that was beach friendly (ie. scones I could shove in my mouth without a utensil, while sippin on a cocktail).
I found the right flavour but they failed to rise so I won’t try to brag about them yet..

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Midweek Red Velvet Cake


I’m the type of person who forgets to pack shoes for the pool.

I’ll arrive late (as usual) and am left with the option to either strut my stuff on deck in the 5″ wedges I’ve worn to work, or wander around barefoot with an awkward expression that pleads “I promise I’m not homeless!”

I’m really not, my home is lovely.

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